Questions and anwsers

1 Q: Are we allowed to use more than one Dutch Oven?
A:You can use so many DO’s as you want

2 Q: When do we get the goodiebag?
A: When you arrive at the competition you get it right away

3 Q: Is water and electicity avalible?
A: yes, for every team there is a water tap and a electricity connection

4 Q: When do we get the Skillet?
A: arround the first of march  they will be available at Vuur en Rook. Or we will send them if you chose that on the register form

5 Q: For how many judges do we have to cook?
A: You dishes are being judged by 4 judges

6 Q: We entered with a team of 2 persons. Can we alter that later?
A: Yes. The deadline for that is the 14th of may, changes after that date are not taken in account.

7 Q: Do we need to bring tents/ tables/ chairs?
A: Yes , you bring that you use

8 Q: Can we prepare some things upfront at home?
A: Yes you can. But keep in mind that a part of the judging is also how you prepare your dish.

9 Q: How are the points devided?
A: Points
Fieldjudges 20%
Dish 1 (Skillet) 40%
Dish 2 ( free choice) 40%

10 Q: Do we have to turn in our dish in 4 portions or are we allowed to turn it in as a whole?
A: We have plates and cutlery for the judges, so turn in is how you like it best.

11 Q: How much space do we have at the competition?
A You all wil have a space of app 4×4 meter. If you need more space please let us know upfront and we do our best to make it fit. ( for the two teams that told us that they are sharing a large tent we already have doubled your space to app 4 x 8 )

12 Q: Is there something where we can leave our ashes and coals?
A: Yes, we will have something you can put them in

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