1 All the cooking must be done on wood,   charcoal or briquets. No gas or electric heatsourches.
2 Every team is responsible for bringing ingredients/tents/tables/chairs/fuel/etc.
3. Turn in times 1:  first dish “poffertjes”: 13:00  and the chefs choice: 15:00
4 Turn in time windows are from 5 minuts before until 5 minuts after turn   in time. The jury clock time is leading
5 Ingredients should be prepared on the spot as much as possible. The way   off prepearion is part of the grade
6 A team has a minimum of 2  and a  maximum of 4 members
7 Team captain must be 18 years or older and is responsible for all the   teammembers.
8 During the day at least 1 team member should be on the site of the team (to prevent fires, etc)
9  All dishes must be made in a Ducth Oven/skillet/cast iron in all ways  possible
10 The team captain must attent the captainsmeeting
11 The chefs choise  can be presented at your own choise  with a miximum size 40×40 cm (keep you garnish to a functional minimum to prevent spoilage.)
12 All the materials used for presenation can be recollected after the   priceceremony at the juding table. Any presentation items left behind after   the day can not be reclaimed on a later time. (they will probably be   disposed.)
13 When after giving out the “poffertjespan” a team cancels their registration   the costs made by the organization for the”poffertjespan” are deducted  from the entry fee
14 Every team must work clean and hygenic. The judges will take this in   account
15 Every team is responsible for their own place to keep it clean and  without damage
16 The fieldjudges are allowed to check the temprature of the ingredients   and ask questions about the prepeartions
17 Keep the garnish simple and fitting to the dish. The garnish should be   edible
18 When a judge gives a poor rating, the judge will be encouraged to fill in   a commentcard. This will be added to the scorecard without reference to the   Judge
19 The judges verdict is final and is not open te discussion
20 No digging is allowed on the competitionterrain. All the damage done is the responsibility of the team
21 Pictures made by the organisation or sponsors can be used for promotional purpose
22 When a team cancel their entry after the closing of the registration period ( 23 September 2019

0:00 hours) there will be no refund of the entry fee unless there is a substitute team.

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